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Commencement Address

Each year, in May, to celebrate the graduation of our MFA and Certificate Students, The New York Studio School invites distinguished professionals to deliver the address at our Commencement to honor the accomplishments of each graduate.

Past speakers as follows:

2019 Jack Flam
2018 Joachim Pissarro
2017 Alisa LaGamma
2016 Mary Tompkins Lewis
2015 Frederick Ilchman
2014 Siri Hustvedt
2013 Mark Stevens
2012 Jed Perl
2011 Iriving Sandler
2010 Carter Ratcliff
2009 Kathryn Calley Galitz
2008 Harry Cooper
2007 Michael Brenson
2006 Francine Prose
2005 Carroll Janis
2004 Arthur Danto
2003 Ruth Miller Forge
2001 Andrew Forge
2000 David McKee

Selected PDF’s of past addresses:

To download a PDF of Carter Ratcliff’s 2010 Commencement Address click here.

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