The New York Studio School requires an entry survey from all persons who intend to enter the building, please click here to complete this survey each day prior to your arrival.
The New York Studio School requires an entry survey from all persons who intend to enter the building, please click here to complete this survey each day prior to your arrival.

The New York Studio School is committed to giving a significant education to the aspiring artist that can last a lifetime.

Our aim is to reveal to the entering student appropriate questions about drawing, painting and sculpture and to encourage them to work hard and think rigorously at all times, enabling them to construct an ethical and philosophical framework for their life’s work.

The graduating Certificate or MFA student leaves the School with a developed understanding of the language of art; an enlarged imagination stirred by an established work ethic, with the passion and ambition to be an artist for years to come.

New York Studio School Covid-19 Protocol

In an effort to maintain the safest shared space possible for students, faculty, staff and all visitors the New York Studio School has established the following protocols which apply equally to all persons on-site.

1. Vaccine Mandate: In compliance with the Key to NYC as ordered by the Mayor’s Office, all persons must provide proof of vaccination for COVID-19 in order to enter. “Proof of vaccination” means proof of receipt of a full regimen of a COVID-19 vaccine authorized for emergency use or licensed for use by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration or authorized for emergency use by the World Health Organization. Boosters are not required at this time.

The following forms of proof can be accepted, along with a photo ID:

2. Entry Survey: all persons must complete the School’s entry survey located at the top of the homepage to self-certify that they are eligible for entry. to self-certify that they are eligible for entry. The survey must be completed once per day by all who enter the School.

3. Masks / Face Coverings: all persons must wear a mask or face covering that covers one’s nose and mouth while indoors at the School facilities.

4. Distancing / Room Capacities: all persons must seek to maintain a distance of six feet between one another and abide by the posted room capacity numbers for all spaces within the School facilities.

5. Self-Reporting: anyone experiencing Covid-like symptoms or with a lab-confirmed positive test who has been on-site at the School should let a member of the School’s staff know as soon as possible. This will allow us to inform others of potential exposure and take additional measures to protect the overall community. Please know that the School will take every measure possible to maintain privacy and will only disclose the identity of one making a report with necessary persons.

6. If you are joining us from outside of New York, please be sure to check travel advisories for any potential quarantine periods.

Thank you for your kind attention and adherence to these protocols. The above measures allow us to continue to offer in-person courses and experiences in the safest way possible.

Should you prefer to participate from your home or personal studio, we offer a wide range of Virtual courses and lectures.

Any changes to the above protocols will be posted and communicated via email to students, staff, faculty and visitors.

With any questions, please email

Gallery Visiting Procedure

NYSS Gallery open 7 days a week, 10am-6pm. No appointment required. All NYSS COVID-19 related policies and procedures listed above remain in effect, and apply equally to all persons entering the building.  Proof of vaccination is required to enter.  Masks / Face Coverings required & Distancing / Room Capacities must be followed.

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