NYSS requires all persons entering the building (Gallery visitors are exempt) to complete the daily sign-in form: CLICK HERE
NYSS requires all persons entering the building (Gallery visitors are exempt) to complete the daily sign-in form: CLICK HERE
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Alumni Opportunities

Hohenberg Travel Award

The Hohenberg Travel Award is awarded to a full-time MFA or Certificate student who has attended the New York Studio School for a minimum of four semesters. The student is awarded a stipend for European travel. To apply, students must submit a description of travel plans and a recent work for inclusion in an exhibition for applicants. The award is determined by a vote of faculty during the exhibition of submitted artwork. Voting faculty are provided with each applicant’s travel plans.

Peter Rippon/Royal Academy of Art Travel Award

The Peter Rippon/Royal Academy of Art Travel Award is awarded to one MFA or Certificate student to travel to the Royal Academy of Art and the New York Studio School to expand their students globally.

Rosemarie Beck Foundation Studio Residency/Internship Program

The Rosemarie Beck Foundation has partnered with the New York Studio School to offer NYSS MFA graduates the opportunity to participate in the Rosemarie Beck Foundation Studio Residency / Internship Program. The Rosemarie Beck Foundation (RBF) is a nonprofit organization that honors and promotes the values, ideals and combined artistic-pedagogic-literary output of the artist and former NYSS teacher Rosemarie Beck (1923-2003). The RBF Collection – housed in Beck’s former studio space – contains an extraordinary selection of Beck’s paintings, textiles and works on paper. The RBF strives to inspire and support serious artists by providing them with an ideal space in which to cultivate and develop their own artwork, while learning and applying collections management and exhibition skills in the RBF Collection. The program offers studio privileges and immersive access to the Rosemarie Beck Foundation Collection and Archives to a qualified painter who has applied for the position and been selected, following review, by the RBF Board.

The Studio Intern will have a private studio space within a dedicated area of Rosemarie Beck’s former studio—located within Kenkeleba House, home of the RBF permanent Collection, in the East Village—to develop their paintings. In return, the Studio Intern will participate in ongoing collections management work and special projects related to the RBF Collection, as well as accompanying approved visitors to the RBF Studio at scheduled times. The Studio Internship time commitment will occupy approximately 15 hours per week, not including the time spent by the Intern devoted to their own artwork. Each internship will culminate in a show of the Studio Intern’s own artworks, created in the space over the course of their internship.

Kenkeleba House is an alternative art space, which includes the Kenkeleba Gallery and The Wilmer Jennings Gallery. Its mission is to present, preserve, interpret and encourage the development of art by African Americans and the broader African Diaspora, as well as other artists overlooked by the cultural mainstream – Latinx, Asians, Native Americans, including mature artists that have not received proper recognition.  Located on the sixth floor, the large RBF Studio space is approximately 1,235 square feet, with an additional storage room/bathroom and slop sink that is 210 square feet, for a total of around 1,445 square feet. Bathed in light, with large south-facing and west-facing windows on two sides, a little more than 1/3 of the room is open space, with ample room for an easel and still-life or portrait work, as well as a small gallery space for hanging artwork. The remainder of the semi-divided space holds the RBF collection, housed on customized racks.

Past & Current Resident Interns:
Misato Pang, NYSS MFA 2019, RBF Resident 2020
Eva Jiménez-Cerdanya, NYSS MFA 2019, RBF Resident 2020 – 2022
Georgia McGovern, NYSS MFA 2019, RBF Resident 2022

DUMBO Artists-in-Residence

The DUMBO studio space, generously on loan to the School, is intended to foster artistic and professional independence during NYSS alumni’s transitions from full-time student to practicing artist. Each year, one to three Artists from the recent graduating classes are invited to apply for the Dumbo Artist Residency. These Alumni are given ample studio spaces to use for free for one year. Artists-in-Residence are expected to interface with the School community and bridge the use of the studios with programmatic activities for current students and the community at large.

Central to 20 Jay Street is NYSS Projects @ DUMBO—the open exhibition space at the heart of the suite. Artists-in-Residence will be involved in the conception, implementation, and support of projects and exhibitions throughout the year. The DUMBO experience offers artists unique opportunities to cultivate a variety of professional skills. Each Artist-in-Residence will be required to organize one public group exhibition and one solo exhibition of their own work with an approximate run of 6 weeks, in conversation with NYSS staff.

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