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Student Perspectives: Mona Shen MFA 2018

Mona Shen, a second year MFA student, shares with us her Studio School experience. 

When I was still in undergraduate art school, I struggled with all the theoretical art talks and arguments about painting more as a concept instead of a practice. I felt quite lost because of the lack of studio practice for my painter’s eyes. I finished my undergraduate in 2015 and I came to the New York Studio School after I had been painting alone for a year.  The Studio School is where I found a home, a home with true painters and infinite conversations, contemplation, and making of painting.

With all the incredible teachers and visiting artists every week, I am constantly inspired and this is reflected in my work. Since my first year at the Studio School, my personal work has evolved through the search of subjects, along with the understanding of forms. The dedicated studio time loaded with energy and thoughts has lit up my life in New York City. Gradually I feel more certain and secure to use my paintings as my main language to communicate and to express my ideas and myself. And I know I am not alone in this search.

Turning light into dust, oil on canvas, 2018
Eclipse watching, 36″ x48″, oil on canvas, 2017
Black light, 20″ x20″, oil on canvas, 2017
Untitled, 60″ x 75″, oil on linen, 2018
Mona’s Studio Wall


Snapshots From NYSS

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