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Student Perspectives: Hagar Shur MFA 2018

Hagar Shur, a second year MFA student, shares with us her Studio School experience.

When Adam and Eve where expelled from paradise, Eve said, “I think we are in a time of transition.” I am not as innocent as Eve, and I have not been expelled, yet, but I do feel Studio School is a place for transition, a place for growth and change. I came to Studio School because I needed to find a safe place to experiment, and to learn from professional criticism. And that is what I have found in this challenging cultural environment. The teachers each bring their personal interpretations, experience and knowledge to their critiques. They don’t always agree with each other, but those contrasting approaches encourage discussion and reflection. I have learnt at the Studio School to push myself to do bigger, larger drawings and sculptures, and to think more critically about what I do and why and especially, not to fear failure. Whenever I think I have finished a work, I am pushed to take it further, usually for the better. I would like to think of my sculptures and installations as something that moves the viewer, the colors of my work are the colors in my brain, in my dreams, in my imagination. I would like to convey some of the emotions I carry to the viewer.



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