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Student Perspectives: Charity Baker MFA 2019

My work is partially autobiographical.  I am deeply inspired by life and I am a natural storyteller.  For now I find the best painterly information from perception, I love to paint landscapes and figures.  My educational background was in architecture and I realized, once surrounded by painters, that the conceptual nature of the architect’s mind, our deep intimacy with light, form space and the human psyche, lends beautifully to painting if there is something else special in place, mostly the love of painting which I have always had.  

I found the Studio School by taking Graham Nickson’s drawing marathon one summer, the description of it alone masterfully explaining why art has always been the most important thing in my life.   I pursued a course of my own making until I felt ready to venture out. I think most people follow this path.  

What the New York Studio School offers is utopia for a painter comprised of gleefully long days in the studio mixed with a strong community of like-minded artists, classes with serious teachers, contemporary artists and scholars providing lectures throughout the week, critical discourse, and a magical environment that holds it all together. 

The New York Studio School was my choice, of all the schools, where I could paint with direction and freedom while getting to the heart of what it is all about.  Because I learned that painting is a specific endeavor with a serious history and something the school taught me which I always knew, painting is the solution to painting.  I am grateful to pursue this path in my life and dedicated to the school for making so much of that possible.

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