NYSS requires all persons entering the building (Gallery visitors are exempt) to complete the daily sign-in form: CLICK HERE
NYSS requires all persons entering the building (Gallery visitors are exempt) to complete the daily sign-in form: CLICK HERE

Ruth Miller: Painted Presence

Ruth Miller’s Enduring View Cover

Ruth Miller’s Enduring View is on view September 8 – October 22, 2023 at the New York Studio School.

Ruth Miller: Painted Presence is the second in a series of monographs published by Grid Books, showcasing fine art curated through artistic collaboration and intergenerational exchange. Conceptualized and curated by Tulsa artist and former student of Miller’s, Mark Lewis, this collection features sixty full-color reproductions of paintings and drawings by Ruth Miller, as well as writings by contemporaries closely connected to the artist and her work, including Eric Aho, Alix Bailey, Riley Brewster, Graham Nickson, and Karen Wilkin, among others.

Each contributor has chosen a painting or drawing to write about, many selecting from their own private collections. In addition to previously exhibited paintings, this volume offers a view of works by Miller we have not seen before, accompanied by reflections–both studied and distinctly personal–written by her contemporaries. The result is an illuminating and intimate collection of work by an artist who, to date, has been underrepresented in print.

Contributing Authors: Eric Aho, Alix Bailey, Laura Battle, Riley Brewster, Susanna Coffey, Dennis Congdon, Marianne Gagnier, Glenn Goldberg, John Goodrich, Barbara Grossman, Alison Hall, Elisa Jensen, Deborah Kahn, Anki King, Jessica Kogel, Mark Lewis, Stanley Lewis, Ying Li, Susan Lichtman, Ro Lohin, Ron Milewicz, John Mitchell, Jenny Lynn, McNutt, Graham Nickson, Janice Nowinski, Stephanie Pierce, Stuart Shils, Kim Sloane, Ty Smith, Clintel Steed, Gwen Strahle, Susan Walp, & Karen Wilkin

9 x 13 inches
104 pages
ISBN: 978-1-946830-19-7

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