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Type: Marathon

Painting Marathon – VIRTUAL: Why Paint the Figure with Elisa Jensen & Guests

This figure painting Marathon will explore in depth the development of figurative imagery in art. Focus will be on finding personal imagery and fully developing that imagery by working from life, from drawings, from the imagination and from memory. Sources will be drawings from the virtual model, the study of our own environment and transcription of specific masterworks, western and nonwestern, from ancient times to contemporary art.

February 16, 2024 ·

Painting Marathon – IN-PERSON: the Mask, the Wing, and the Mirror with Sam Levy, Kaitlin McDonough & Clintel Steed

Archetypes and symbols are access points used to mark transitions, to hold important ideas, and to dream new worlds into being. This Painting Marathon will ask participants to weave archetypal imagery from deep art historical works with symbols of personal relevance.

February 16, 2024 ·

Drawing Marathon – VIRTUAL: Beyond the Image and into Abstraction with Fran O’Neill

This Marathon will encourage students to step beyond the image into abstraction. Participants may begin with works that are based in landscape, still life and/or the figure with the idea that they will be stepping beyond the image as they know it; with the idea of pushing students past their threshold of what they might consider to be the final product, into potentially new arenas of the image that maybe more steps towards abstraction &/or steps towards being much more curious and playful with the direction

February 16, 2024 ·

Painting Marathon – IN-PERSON: Painting the Landscape at Old Westbury Gardens with Rachel Rickert

Plein air landscape painting embodies the elements of working from perception, uniting the truth of the world and one’s personal truth of vision. Capturing the unique qualities of the landscape – the light, the vastness, the changeability – is a thrilling and challenging experience. In this two-week Painting Marathon, students will learn how to translate the entirety of the plein air experience, working directly from nature within the beautiful Old Westbury Gardens.

February 16, 2024 ·

Sculpture Marathon – IN-PERSON: Life-Sized Figure with Brandt Junceau & Guests

The life-size figure is a touchstone of sculpture.  To make something one’s own size, standing like oneself, with every surface, every feature– a head, a face, a gaze like our own– that’s a peculiar proposition, unlike everything else mankind makes for itself.  It must have been very strange and intimidating the first time, in prehistory.  Done right, it continues to be.

February 16, 2024 ·