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X Marks the Spot: Women of the New York Studio School

Curated by Malado Baldwin & Maia Ibar
Presented by the NYSS Alumni Association

Opening Reception: Wednesday, July 25, 6-8pm
with Performances at 7pm by Alice Klugherz, Marie Christine Katz, RJA, & Maia Ibar

Women of the New York Studio School Panel Discussion & Awards Announcement:
Monday, July 30, 6-8pm
Panel with Malado Baldwin, Andrea Belag, Joyce Pensato, & Christina Kee

Mercedes Matter / Ambassador Middendorf Award Winners, Selected by Julie Heffernan & Jennifer Samet
-Jenny Lynn McNutt
-Fran Shalom
-Kirsty Martinsen
-Robert James Anderson

Honorable Mentions: Ariel Kleinberg, Liliana Perez, Margaret McCann, Becky Yazdan, Sarah Granett, Celia Gerard

ArtCritical Award Winner, Selected for interview feature on artcritical.com
– Ewelina Bochenska

All Art Works Exhibit Winners, Selected for inclusion in All Art Works by Curator Tyler Loftis, presented during ArtPrize:
-Liliana Perez
-Marie Peter-Toltz
-Danielle Dimston
-Anna Gilbert Kittle
-Becky Yazdan
-Fran Shalom


The New York Studio School and the NYSS Alumni Association present X Marks the Spot: Women of the New York Studio School, curated by NYSS Alumni Malado Baldwin and Maia Ibar.

From the curators:

We are thrilled to announce this year’s NYSS alumni show. We have curated a festive, revelatory exhibition and related events to mark the school’s inaugural all-female and female-identifying show. This show breaks the traditional boundaries of painting and sculpture, featuring also video and performance, with a strong variety and differing scales of work.

Alumni Association Co-Chair Michael Tcheyan commented that “It’s very exciting and appropriate to see this show highlighting the contribution of female identifying alumni who are following in the footsteps of one of the School’s visionary founders Mercedes Matter.”

Until equilibrium has been achieved in the art world, we believe showing female work to be a necessity. We first proposed the show during the presidential election year, buoyed by a female candidate running for office, and the possibility of a shift in our political landscape. In the aftermath of the election and the #metoo movement, it seems even more essential to encourage equalization in the art world.

According to the National Museum of women in the arts, 65-75 % of students in MFA programs are women, while just 5% of artwork in museums is made by women and only 25-35% of women have gallery representation.

Rather than pick a specific theme, we chose instead to discover through the selection process what vital and current work is being made by our peers at this moment in herstory.  We are pleased to announce our roster of artists, performers, and lecture panelists.


Rosaire Appel
Claudia Baez
Isabel Barber
Anne Becker Upton
Sujata Bharani
Ewelina Bochenska
Cecilia Campeas
Kimberly Carmody
Amy Chaiklin
Katherine Chilcote
Amanda Church
Ariel Churnin
Nicole Cohen
Julie Davis
Gracie Devito
Cathy Diamond
Danielle Dimston
Maureen Dougherty
Jill Finsen
Laurie Frick
Linda Ganus
Celia Gerard
Kikki Ghezzi

Tamara Gonzales
Sarah Granett
Mary Grossman
Fukuko Harris
Elisa Jensen
Melanie Johnson
Deborah Renee Kaplan
Marie Christine Katz
Olga Sophie Kauppinen
Tavmeet Kaur
Anna Gilbert Kittle
Ariel Kleinberg
Alice Klugherz
Jackie Korner Bagley
Renee Lai
Catherine Lepp
Gili Levy
Margrit Lewczuk
Lucy Liu
Ro Lohin
Poppy Luca
Laurie Marcus
Maria Pia Marrella

Kirsty Martinsen
Mercedes Matter
Margaret McCann
Jenny Lynn McNutt
Katelynn Mills
Annette Morriss
Fran O’Neill
Trisha Orr
Carrie Patterson
Liliana Perez
Erin Perrazzelli
Marie Peter-Toltz
Susu Pianchupattana
Cecelia Rembert
Babette Rittenberg
Leslie Roberts
Silvina Rodriguez
Katie Ruiz
Katerina Savvides
Dena Schutzer
Carole Seborovski
Ulgen Semerci

Fran Shalom
Sasha Silverstein
Niki Singleton
Lisa Steffens
Torild Stray
Susan Sussman
Kamilla Talbot
Margery Theroux
Francine Tint
Kim Uchiyama
Suki Valentine
Royalyne Ward-Davis
Rachel Weber
Jeannie Weissglass
Gina Werfel
Pola Wickham
Megan Williamson
Natasha Wright
Becky Yazdan
Yi Zhang
Emily Zuch

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Curators Debate the Pros and Cons of All-Women’s Art Shows, by Malado Baldwin, Hyperallergic


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Works by Award Winners

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