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X Marks the Spot: Women of the New York Studio School

An exhibition presented through the NYSS Alumni Association

During this time of female renaissance and the growing importance of women being seen and heard, curators Maia Ibar and Malado Baldwin have proposed an all-female show of art made by women at the New York Studio School. By creating spaces of opportunity for some of the best female artistic talent coming out of this renowned New York institution, they hope to encourage participation and offer opportunity to those individuals to showcase their work*. The exhibition is thematically open-ended, and the artist included will demonstrate the highest quality of artistic investigation in their respective mediums through their Studio School education.

Participants will be both invited and cast through an open call online on the school’s website. Painting, sculpture, film, multi-media, experimental and performative work in all formats is encouraged. The Mercedes Matter/Ambassador Middendorf  Awards will be selected by an independent female jury chosen by the Alumni Assoc. Additionally David Cohen will select the artcritical award and Tyler Loftis will select the works for inclusion in the Art Prize Collectors Show. In conjunction with the exhibition there will be a public lecture, and a catalogue written by independent art critic Karen Wilkin with alumni artist and writer Christina Kee.

*According to the National Museum of Women in the Arts, between 65-75% of students in MFA programs are women, while just 5% percent of artwork in museums is made by women and only 25-35% of women have gallery representation.




Entry Instructions:
Each entry is allowed 3 submissions. If a three dimensional piece 3 views per piece can be uploaded. All work must be display ready incuding WIRE FOR HANGING ON BACK. Artist is responsible for delivering work and picking up artwork from Studio School at 8 West 8th street. No work should be delivered prior to being selected by curators or prior to dates specified for delivery of work. At conclusion of show artwork needs to be picked up on time and no assurance can be given that artwork not picked up on time can be saved. In an emergency regarding delivery or pick up contact Michael Tcheyan at mtcheyan@gmail.com.

Max file size for uploading is 1000mb. NOTE: $10 FEE ADDED FOR LATE ENTRIES.

Default Instructions for Entrants After Entry is Submitted:
Once the jurors have made their choices you will be notified around mid to late June. This will leave you with plenty of time to get the work to the school July 17 to 18. July 17 to 18 are the only dates for drop off or delivery of work. If you are out of town best idea is to ask a friend to handle it for you. In exceptional cases art work can be shipped in but it will not be shipped back to you. Someone will have to come and pick it up.

Instructions for Accepted Entrants:
Accepted artwork must be delivered ready for display on July 17 and 18 2017 to the NY Studio School at 8 West 8th Street. Work not delivered on time will not be displayed. Work needs to be delivered in person either by artist or friend of artist. If work is shipped the School can not be responsible for packing for return shipping. A friend must come and pick it up or pack it up and arrange shipping.

Terms of Entry for Entrants:
By submitting to this exhibition you understand your work may be used for publicity purposes and you agree to comply with all the rules and regulation of this exhibition and that you have the legal right to submit this work. You also understand and agree that there is always the possibility of unintended damage to the artwork and that neither the school nor the alumni association can be held responsible for repair costs or compensation for damage.

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