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Rudy Burckhardt’s Maine: curated by Vincent Katz

Rudy by Vivien Bittencourt, 1996 Estate of Rudy Burckhardt, courtesy Tibor de Nagy Gallery, New York

Rudy Burckhardt (1914-1999) is best known for his photography of New York and other cities. His signature image explores the quirks of modern urban life, in particular the exuberant life of the streets from the perspective of the pedestrian. He is also celebrated for canonical portraits of New York artists at work, and for his film and collaborations with leading artists, poets and musicians of the New York School. This exhibition, however, shows the private, meditative, less known side of Burkhardt’s creative personality, what guest curator Vincent Katz describes as “that essential base of solace that facilitated the cosmpolitan flâneur.”

The New York Studio School would like to thank Vincent Katz for all his work in connection with this exhibition, the accompanying website and other related programming. The School is also very much in debt to Yvonne Jacquette, widow of the artist and trustee of the estate of Edwin Denby. Thanks are furthermore extended to Hugh Gourley and Dan Rosenfeld, past and present directors respectively of Colby College Museum of Art, Maine, which initiated this exhibition in Summer 2002. Our exhibition is presented concurrently with Rudy Burckhardt: New York Photographs at Tibor de Nagy Gallery (May 1 to June 6) whose directors, Andrew Arnot and Eric Brown, have extended many kindnesses to the School during the preparation of this show. We are also grateful to Maurice Peterson for his sensitive design of this website, and to Lawrence Sunden for his design of the announcement card. The students who made the fine installation of our show possible were Toby Bartles, Suzanne Guppy, Erin Koch, SamPayne, Saha Satyakam, Jessica E. Smith and Jen Wechsler.

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