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Françoise Gilot: Compositions, 2002-2005

Françoise Gilot has been an expert witness to past significant events and great moments.  She is immersed in the present tense of painting and also a close friend of powerful memories.  Her paintings contain and reveal their memories with a sassiness and subtle humor that only a serious artist can assimilate well.

It is quite an achievement to be able to make a visual connection between the Paris of the “Apache” dancer and the rituals of the Mimbres and the Mescaleros.

Her paintings have the simultaneous fragility and robustness of a custom made bi-plane: speed and vulnerability claiming space.  Her saturated colors inhale Navaho reds and Provençal browns and exhale California blues and whites.  These colors as in a “beautiful” theorem exude logic and also, mysteriously, desire.

New York Studio School of Drawing, Painting & Sculpture

Curated by Louise Tolliver Deutschman

Artist Statement

A Personal Renaissance, by Louise Tolliver Deutschman

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