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Ariane Lopez-Huici: Photography

The New York Studio School is enormously proud and excited to show a selection of photography by Ariane Lopez-Huici.  This exhibition focuses on the artist’s ongoing exploration of the nude.  Her photographs have a richness and fulness that comes from an extraordinary combination of gravitas and gaiety.

These images convey a sense of the body as lived in, actual, and present, but they are also inhabit real time.  She is an artist who chooses her subjects with inordinate feeling for the nuance and implication of every detail of lighting and distance.  But she is also totally open to improvisation, working with evident spontaneity in response to the living, breathing, unique personality of her sitters.

While the New York Studio School is exclusively committed to the traditional mediums of drawing, painting and sculpture, photography is always a welcome guest.  We have, in the past, exhibited photographs of Herbert Matter, Rudy Burckhardt, Brassäi and Brancusi, among others.  Furthermore, her motif – the  human body in emotionally complex spaces – is the subject of endless research in the School’s ateliers.  Explored here in a different medium, the exhibition will be a source of inspiration to our students and to our public alike.

David Cohen
Gallery Director

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