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An American Abroad: Sandra Fisher and her School of London Friends

It is with tremendous pride that the New York Studio School presents the first retrospective exhibition of the late Sandra Fisher in the United States. While a display of her work was seen at LA Louver Gallery, Los Angeles, in the context of an exhibition of her husband, R.B. Kitaj, in 2003, and Fisher was included in the survey, “Representation Abroad” at the Hirshhorn Museum, Washington DC, in 1985, this exhibition essentially introduces to this country an American artist who made her career in England.   The exhibition also aspires to a rounded picture of Fisher (who died in 1994 at the age of 47) that acknowledges her role as a muse and catalyst through the inclusion of works by distinguished artist friends who painted her and were in turn the subjects of her portraits.

John Ashbery noted, in his review of the Hirshhorn exhibition, Fisher’s historic range of inspiration when he identified a “bright painterliness that sometimes evokes Sickert, Manet, or America’s Ashcan School” in her paintings. Her style was unabashedly traditional, but the freshness and vigor of Fisher’s images, while deriving in part from the quality and integrity of her talent, also had to do with the honesty and intelligence she brought both to her subjects and her medium.

This exhibition was only possible thanks to the generosity and good will of Fisher’s husband, R.B. Kitaj; her sister, Margaret Fisher; and her friend and executor, Marilyn McCully.  Special thanks are also offered to Tracy Bartley, assistant to Mr. Kitaj in Los Angeles, and to Frankie Rossi, Marlborough Fine Art, London.

Our gratitude extends to photographers Ferdinand Carabott in London and Christian Carone in New York;  Meg Crane of Ponzi & Weill, for her graphic design contribution; Eyal Danieli of Sullivan Street Frames; Pat Lipsky, who advised on the wall color; and Bob Yucikas, for installation services.   Studio School students Jollyon Carter, Jenny Junko Cooke, Christina Kee and others provided invaluable assistance in the realization of this project.


Avigdor Arikha

Arts Council Collection, Hayward Gallery, South Bank Center, London

Maurice Cockrill

Richard Cook

John Dewe Mathews

Forum Gallery, New York

Lee Friedlander and Fraenkel Gallery, San Francisco

Maggi Hambling

Max Kitaj

Lino Mannocci

Susanna Phillips

Michael Raeburn

Gabriel Sempill

Martin Summers

John Yau


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