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Thursday Evening Sculpture – with Leonid Lerman

Spring 2019

Course Description

What is sculpture? Is human body a sculpture?  Does sculpture have structure?  Is structure sculptural?  Can we see structure?  Does geometry help?  Do we need anatomy?  These and other questions are being addressed in this intensive workshop focused on furthering the understanding of ”sculptural idea”, using human forms with its sense of unity and connections of various parts, their spatial arrangement, balance, proportions, weight relations and tensions.

Course Outline

Based on traditional methods this course will address issues of:

Composition and movement;
Proportion and scale;
Weight and balance;
Structure and symmetry;
Rhythms and connections;
Tone, line and perspective.

Using conceptual geometric models, the students will study structure, or, in other words – the architecture of the human body in search of unity and connections of all parts of the body, their interrelations, tensions and rhythms.

During the course of a semester several projects will be offered:
– Sketches in clay with focus on movement, balance, proportion, 6-12’’;
– Portrait from the life model, on armature, life size;
– Figure sculpture from life model, on armature, 18 – 24’’:
– 3-D composition: interpretation of one of the classical sculptures or paintings of the old masters, (optional).
– Preparation of clay sculpture for firing, (optional).

Students will get help on the individual bases.

This course is beneficial for all levels – from the beginners to the advanced.


Course Syllabus


Leonid Lerman


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