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Thursday Evening Drawing – with John Lees

Fall 2018

Course Full

Course Description

This class will offer a concentrated drawing situation working from life models in a studio situation, with the aim of using drawing as a means of analyzing one’s own work in any media, in all stages of development. A wide range of mediums will be explored to allow drawings to grow and radically change over a brief but intense period. The session will emphasize the importance of choosing one’s influences; of trusting oneself, and of keeping sketchbooks.

Weekly talks and demonstrations will be held at the beginning of each session. Promptness required.

Course Outline

Participants will explore the complex nature of the following themes in relation to constructing drawings: the sensual beauty of ink; drawing and writing, with both pen and brush; drawing for gesture, building a drawing and considering scale; the colors of drawing, including the color of paper, tonal elements and value range; the response of materials as responding to fingertip pressure, and the use of erasure to lighten a value and make further work possible. Participants will consider responses to drawing organic and inorganic elements, within the studio.

Students will experience the importance of keeping a sketchbook that is constantly carried, and which allows the freedom to allow one to get lost in a drawing. Participants should decide which type of sketchbook best satisfies their needs, and become acquainted with a range of papers and mediums to find what suits their style.

A variety of artists will be looked at including, but not limited to, Guercino, Rembrandt, Cezanne, Samuel Palmer, Van Gogh, Eva Hesse and outsider art, Kokoschka, Scuola Romano, Rodin, Daumier, Bonnard, Giacometti, Medardo Rosso, Antonin Artaud and Victor Hugo.


Course Syllabus


John Lees

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