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Sunday Morning Drawing – with Rosie Lopeman

Spring 2020

Course Description

The objective of this course is to practice trusting the unpredictable nature of our own perceptions; to cultivate attentiveness and patience in drawing; to establish a foundation of seeing that can sustain and fuel the creative path – wherever it may lead.

We will be drawing from direct observation. As we attempt to make a drawing that is true to our experience, we will observe the tropes we use on the page (e.g. different kinds of mark making, or compositional decisions), and see what assertions underlie them. As we cultivate these decisions, we slowly deepen our experience of the world around us.

Students will be urged to shift away from old habits and expectations. The class is a chance to be completely process oriented, in order to clarify our aims in drawing.


Course Syllabus


Rosie Lopeman

Adjunct Faculty

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