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Sculpture Marathon: Connection to Form – with John Erianne

Summer 2020

Course Description

This course will focus on the construction of sculpture and the nature of materials; not just HOW elements are put together but also WHY. We will investigate the relationships in the joinery of each piece and how these connections relate the form. We are not looking to “fabricate”, but rather to develop structured forms in which all parts have a role play; to trim the fat so that no element or connection is superfluous or decorative and therefore not “pure” form. There is then the obvious challenge, as with all sculpture, of how to put something together and make i stand. This is a task that on the surface seems more technical than artistic; however, the further and deeper we push the line between the two, and the ways in which they can be blended and eventually erased, we arrive at autonomous sculptural forms.

Course Syllabus

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