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Sculpture Marathon: Idea through Process – with Jilaine Jones

Summer 2020

Course Description

In this Sculpture Marathon, participants will make sculptures and develop ideas through experimentation with materials and processes.  The physical and visual nature of material manipulation corresponds with directions fundamental to sculptural experience; this will be explicit in the overall project. Building with materials such as clay, wood, wire, plaster, concrete, cloth, we will investigate the ideas inherent in each material and in combination with each other. We will work through three structure types: first, with linear and planar elements to make structures which can form and traverse space; second, by exploring how material weights, specific form, and the interaction of elements, including in an installation format, can realize the phenomena of gravity; and third, through casting processes, making simple repeated or like forms, which will then become the language of a larger construct. Scale also being crucial experience and idea, the work will range from small to large. There will be slide presentations based on materials and processes used through sculpture history. Discussion about this in the present, and potential, ongoing exploration by the marathon group, will be an essential part of our activity.


Jilaine Jones


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