NYSS requires all persons entering the building (Gallery visitors are exempt) to complete the daily sign-in form: CLICK HERE
NYSS requires all persons entering the building (Gallery visitors are exempt) to complete the daily sign-in form: CLICK HERE
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Sculpture Marathon – with Bruce Gagnier

Please note that Sculpture Marathon – with Bruce Gagnier will be taught virtually this summer.  Faculty members have adapted lectures, critiques, presentations, and assignments to an online format and will maintain the high caliber of experiential learning and content that is the basis of the New York Studio School.  Though in a different form, your education and experience, will continue; we look forward very much to your participation.

Summer 2020

Course Description

We will as a class make a 36″ figure in clay or plastilene using memory, reference and imagination, all used  together. Photographs, books and drawings can and should be consulted while working. As a working member of the group, I will demonstrate my working methods from start to finish and we can discuss what I am thinking of at each stage. We will also discuss your ideas and instincts as you proceed.

We will observe one another at regular intervals via Zoom. I will also make study sketches in drawing, send them to you in the evening along with photos of my own progress on the figure via email. You will befree to do the same both during the day and after hours for commentary from me. Wet clay or plastilene can be used. I will be using Chavant Monumelt. Roma # 1 is also a good choice. It is best to buy at least one case.

The wet clay is cheaper and you should also buy one case (2 packages) or even 3 packages. If you are using wet clay, you should have cloth to wrap the figure with each night. I will show how to soften the plastilene to get started.

Students will meet on Zoom each day in two sessions each 4 hours long. There will be an open and ongoing exchange of questions and conversation between us. PowerPoint presentations on my desktop will be used each day to review ideas, look at good examples, and review the history of the form of the figure in order to enhance the internalization of the tactile language of modeling a figural form as seen in the Masters of the past.

Course Syllabus


Bruce Gagnier


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