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Figure – Figurine Sculpture Marathon – with Brandt Junceau

Summer 2019

Course Description

Mankind’s earliest human images were milestones in the concept of self. We know they were small, made in the hand, and many of them could be handled between just two fingers. At the start, they could not even stand. Our modern concept of the figure began in the figurine, and returns to it periodically, sometimes to reinvent the body, sometimes the image, sometimes the self.

This course is a working conversation, hands-on, in the studio, with occasional slide talks that refresh and catch up to the conversation. We begin with found items (students will bring them), natural and manmade, with some degree of figural association; a twig, a stone, a doll. By modeled additions, carving subtractions, and some quick and dirty moldmaking and casting, those suggestive found objects are made to talk figure and image. What is the body: how much of it “counts”? What has to stay, what can we do without? And what is an image? What does it ask, what does it answer?

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