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Sculpture Marathon – with Avner Levinson

Course Description

This course will explore the balance between figurative work from observation and finding the hidden abstract order of shapes which create the inner rhythm of the art work. Throughout the course we will examine a variety of ways to represent an image. On the spectrum of work between figuration and abstraction we will begin with direct work from the model and find our way into abstraction, learning to identify the creation of shapes which have their own identity regardless of their representational role in the art piece.

In the course, we will put special emphasis on depth in sculptural space and on developing the ability to translate the world which we observe into the language of form, volume and composition in relation to the proportions of the human body.

During the course, we will integrate a theoretical background of sculpture art history that will enrich and deepen our point of view, focusing on the works of the great sculptures in art history as well as contemporary artists. We will also study the attitude and approach to the human body across different cultures.

We will focus on cultivating each participant’s individual “voice” and natural intuitions, with an emphasis on development of students’ capacity to observe and translate to sculptural terms the reality revealed to them. The main goal is not to copy reality, but to develop the ability to interpret it according to the artistic conception of each student.

Course Syllabus

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