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NYSS requires all persons entering the building (Gallery visitors are exempt) to complete the daily sign-in form: CLICK HERE
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Sculpture Marathon – with Joel Fisher


Course Description

This Sculpture Marathon is designed for both advanced artists and for sculptural beginners. In order to comprehend sculpture, it needs to be seen from more than one angle. We will discuss the implications of the need for multiple approaches. The translation of the three-dimensional world into two dimensions is such a profound achievement of cannot be overestimated, yet we take it for granted daily. To see a sculpture accurately, it is necessary to circumnavigate it. We learn by interaction and while in motion.

Sculpture also opens us up to tactility in a way that flat art cannot. It increases our sensitivity to touch. The first week of the Marathon will involve looking at sculpture as an empirical method. We will pay attention to how the material we use, our approach and tacit assumptions, our individual point of view, and the progressive observation that occur during the process of work are able to teaches us. The first week begins by exploring the relationship between two and three dimensions as we work from a live model. During the second week of the Marathon, participants will be asked to design a project for which you need the help of a fellow sculptor. Your work is more likely to succeed if it explores issues that are personal, urgent, or that you are driven to learn about. This is a work to explore a variety of expanding relationships.   The unfortunate contemporary buzz word is ‘interrogate,’ but let’s just say ‘question.’ Questions can be expansive. Because of this, there will be many possibilities. Appropriate research might be useful.

 Potential topics may include:

  • A physicality larger than the work’s physical self. The way sculpture occupies place beyond its physical boundaries.
  • The sculptural potential of pure color (either projected or flat painted areas) exploring physiological and psychological
  • Inside / outside, as place of reference and context of exploration.
  • Image its relationship to content — the dilemma of image
  • The relationship between Size & Scale 
  • A work that looks different from a different approach.
  • Silhouettes

Course Syllabus

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