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NYSS requires all persons entering the building (Gallery visitors are exempt) to complete the daily sign-in form: CLICK HERE
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Sculpture Marathon – IN-PERSON: Bas-Relief – Materiality and Space with Jilaine Jones

Course full – please email Records & Operations Manager Jessica McDaniels, to join the waitlist. 

Course Description

Bas-relief is a territory which joins sculpture, drawing, and painting with material ideas oriented across a plane between the three- and two-dimensional. This Marathon will explore bas-relief as initiated through conveying the spatial construct of a perceptual source and also by focusing on the ideas and feelings offered by materials and through various approaches of process. Working perceptually, the topography of space is bas-relief’s revelation. Reliefs will be made in clay, cardboard, plaster, and mixed media. Drawing will be integrated throughout the Marathon as a continuation of the understanding and experience coming from each of the more physical processes. The source will be a setup with a model in the sculpture studios at the New York Studio School:  the nature and ideas within this setup will be unconventional and will enable responses both to the wide span of an installation and to a closer experience of forms. Whatever the participant’s experience with working from life, it will offer a quality to support and develop. Ultimately, the direction this project takes will be oriented to the respective interests of each student. Some may stay within a rectangular format, while others may not; some may rework with the viewed source again and again, while others may extrapolate an essential idea. Discussion of the subject by images of precedents will be presented throughout the Marathon. This will cover the broadness of its possibility and how the specific abilities of bas-relief have worked, evolved, and played a role in the evolution of artistic consciousness. This course is as much a particular experience of seeing as it is of making – for the sculptor or painter it is a period focused on the touching and forming of the spatial.

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