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Sculpture Marathon – Garth Evans 

Course Description

This Marathon offers physically demanding exercises that provoke exciting dialogues between work in two and three dimensions. In the past, students of all levels who have completed the full two weeks of this course have experienced important breakthroughs. The class meets every day for two consecutive weeks from 9am to 6pm. Critiques will be held during the first week and at the conclusion of the second week. Times of critiques will vary and will be announced during the session. Attendance throughout each session is essential. This course is an introduction to working in three dimensions. For experienced students, this course will provide additional experience, which will be integrated with important aspects of the language of sculpture. For more advanced students, this course will facilitate a reconsideration of one’s practice. The instructor will be present for all, or part, of each scheduled daytime session. Students will be expected to continue to work independently in the evenings and/or early mornings.

Course Outline

During the first week, students will work in both two and three dimensions, exploring the relationship between drawing and sculpture, making drawings and objects with and without a model. Students will make drawings from the objects that are made, and objects from the drawings that are made.

There will be fresh assignments each working session during the first week. Students will work with line, plane and mass. There will be an assignment requiring careful analysis of a complex form, and there will be related drawing assignments. The work produced for most assignments will be discussed in a group critique. No reading is assigned.

In the second week, students will construct life-size figures from the model using the kinds of materials experimented with in the first week,. The first week will have given some preparation for the work in the second week. Successful completion of this life size construction will require energy, resourcefulness and determination.

Course Syllabus


Garth Evans


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