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Saturday Morning Drawing – with Carlo D’Anselmi


Fall 2018

Course Description

This class approaches art-making as an investigative journey, focusing on the fundamentals of drawing
from life as the basis for becoming fluent in artistic expression. This class also encourages forming a
unique drawing habit that extends beyond the studio. The first half of the class focuses on the
fundamentals of drawing perceptually, and the second half takes these lessons and applies them
inventively towards several different ways of working and sourcing content with which to make art.

Course Outline

One: Introduction/Materials
Getting to know each other! We will investigate different media and techniques in order to know them
better and discover which media we are interested in from the start. We will talk about different ways
to use or combine different media, and experiment with each from the model.
Two: Space Explorers
We will draw from the model and talk about how we can discover form and space. We will get into the
habit of sketchbooking and talk about how that can bring content into the studio, our classroom.
Three: Tone/composition
We will focus on using tone effectively in both wet and dry media. We will also talk about compositional
effectiveness and what makes a drawing stronger.
Four: Line/composition
We will focus on using line effectively in both wet and dry media.
Five: Transformation: Collage and Life
We will focus on collaging from life, gluing paper together. Bring acrylic medium.
Six: All About the Figure
We will focus on drawing the figure, solitary, monumental, poetic.
Seven: Art on the Brain
We will look at several artists who have used life around them as a means to create their own work.
Bonnard, Rembrandt, RB Kitaj. Taking art from life and bringing it back to the studio.
Eight: Figural Fluency
We will talk about how to memorize or “know” the figure so we can draw different poses out of our
minds and hands.
Nine: Memory and Invention
This week we will not use the model, but will only work from our sketchbooks, and invent several new
pieces of work that refer to the space and forms in our previous drawings.
Ten: Transcriptions/Markmaking
We will look at how different artists have used marks that have a weight and identity in themselves
regardless of what they are representing. We will experiment with different marks to create tensions,
balances, and rhythms.
Eleven: Last Day of Drawing.
We will end with a session of figure drawing and a critique of everyone’s work since the beginning of


Course Syllabus


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