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Saturday Afternoon Drawing – with Carol Diamond

Spring 2020

Course Description

The goal of this drawing course is to provide an in-depth experience into the language of drawing, with focus on the human form. Students of any level will increase their understanding of two-dimensional pictorial space, drawing processes, and the figure as it exists in relationship to its environment. Working from close observation of the model in the interior studio setting, a rigorous use of sighting techniques will be employed to measure the figure’s proportions and location in space. This analytic process, along with expressiveness and energy result in a dynamic pictorial record, in other words, a “felt” drawing. Various media will be explored including charcoal, graphite, conte, ink, acrylic, and collage. References from art history as well as the vast and ever-changing art world around us in New York City will be discussed and relevant to our studio practice.


Course Syllabus

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