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Monday Evening Drawing – with Clintel Steed

Spring 2020

Course Description

When does a drawing become epic? In this class we will focus on when a drawing becomes epic. We will work on a drawing for a long period of time, working on one drawing for 2 sessions each. In this class we will focus on structure and scale and how these elements can lead to space, and ultimately, to an epic drawing.

Students will be encouraged to make courageous moves with their drawing, either taking away of adding to their drawings. Students will be encouraged to collage, and think about what is working and what is not working in their work!

The Class will be broken down into 3 stages:
1. The first 3 weeks will be focusing on line. How a line on a page can create tension.
2. The second 3 weeks will focus on shape and tone.
3. The next 3 weeks we will focus on line, shape and tone.

The last 2 weeks we will focus on really making a final epic image using all the elements that we focused on in the past nine weeks.

Course Syllabus


Clintel Steed

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