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Guest Faculty Drawing Marathon with Gideon Bok

Fall 2018

Course Full

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Course Description

This course will explore portraiture within an expanded perceptual and conceptual context. Students will be encouraged to expand upon the conventions of portraiture within a series of drawings and a larger drawing installation that will be built over the course of the week. The drawing installation can be either individual or collaborative. Ideas discussed in the class will be supplemented by readings, studio visits, and possible museum or gallery visits. Most of the class time will be spent working in the studio, both from perception and from other sources. Students will draw each other in the studio as well as people in the city outside the school.

Course Outline

In this Marathon, we will be addressing conventions of portraiture, specifically through contextualization. Working under the general rubric of portraiture, participants in the Marathon will be encouraged to examine the context within which the portrayed person or idea exists, and how that context impacts the reading of the portrait and vice versa. This will be explored through drawing explorations in the studio, working perceptually from other students in the room, other known and unknown people in and outside the school, and through research, gallery visits, and one (possibly more) studio visit to Angela Dufresne’s studio, a contemporary artist who confronts the contextualized portrait. Students will also be encouraged to explore other means and methods of constructing their ideas, which may diverge from traditional ideas and forms of portraiture. The materials and processes will be specific to each individual student’s project.

Over the course of the weeklong seminar, students will be making drawings from perception and incorporating either the actual drawings or ideas from the drawings into a larger drawing installation mounted on the wall. This installation will be built up and revised over the course of the week. In the installation, students will explore perspective in many of its forms as a way of contextualizing the subject or subjects. Through this critique of the conventions of portraiture, it is possible that the final project may not look like a conventional portrait, and it certainly should not be constrained by this convention. It is possible that the large drawing installation will become collaborative between two or more students.

The suggested reading list is varied and designed to touch on some of the subjects that students may confront during their project.



Course Syllabus

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