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Drawing Marathon – with Yevgeniya Baras and Sarah Peters

Fall 2019

Course Description

The Instructors will be present on different days throughout the course of the Marathon and will present a wide range of projects and strategies to explore both figuration and conceptual drawing. Participants will be given specific prompts which will lead you to a personal vocabulary of marks and approaches. Some prompts will be centered around observational drawing and some will be more abstract. Technical exploration, perception, development of ideas, intuition, invention, representation and communication are at the core of this class. Participants will use of such drawing elements such as: line, volume, shape, negative space, scale, weight, light/shadow, contrast, composition, rhythm, movement, and texture in order to communicate concepts and to explore different materials, including: paper collage, ink, and charcoal. Learning happens through practice and failure. The studio is a lab where ideas are being worked out and meaning is made. Curiosity is essential, as is challenging one’s self to openness and progress. The process will be part critical thinking, part intuition, and, in large part, physical labor.


Course Syllabus

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