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Drawing Marathon – with Ophrah Shemesh

Course Description

This Drawing Marathon will focus on pictorial language, as an experience of painting, and the workings of the creative process through deep exploration of the following themes: the stroke as a mark; the transforming process; visual phenomena; rhythm and energy; expression; subject matter vs. subject motif; the art of the line; practical representational aspects of geometry; the power of seeing; perception; the play of light; and the significance of themes. Participants will engage in drawing assignments, with and without direct observation of a live model, to internalize the importance of the stroke as a mark and an elementary unit of operation; ways to create a new existence that could have never existed before through overlaying and multiple stages; visual phenomena in the interrelationships between maker and receiver and the picture plane; visual rhythm as it relates to multidimensions; self-expression and personal content; representational aspects of geometry; and, ultimately, the power of seeing.

Course Syllabus


Ophrah Shemesh


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