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Drawing Marathon – with Clarity Haynes

Drawing as Accumulation and Alchemy

Spring 2019

Course Description

We’ve all heard the term: “art heals”. In this class we are going to take that literally, “telling” stories that move us forward into the future, personally and collectively. Destroying, repurposing, transforming materials, we will create talismans of transformation related to life experiences, memories, or cultural/political situations that need healing, and that may or may not be shared explicitly with the group or in the work.

Using ink, text, collage, water-based paint, and non-art materials, we discover drawing as as autobiographical, sculptural, spiritual, and potentially even life-saving practice. We will explore work by a variety of contemporary artists who work in ways relevant to the class, including Mark Bradford and Joan Snyder, and will have at least one visit to see art exhibitions locally, TBD.

Learning Outcomes

 Students will have explored aspects of their own history that will be relevant to how and why they make their work. They will complete several drawings of different sizes, incorporating writing exercises, a variety of ways of painting, and a surface that is an accumulation of paper, text, found imagery, and non-art materials.

Course Syllabus

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