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Drawing Marathon – with Joseph Santore


Course Description

Students will be taking a really long look at two models in the same set-up for an entire week.  The idea is to work on one drawing to see how far it can be pushed.  The class will be split into morning and afternoon sessions with the figures together in the afternoon on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.  On Wednesday and Friday the models will pose alone in the same set up, same pose, one in the morning session and one in the afternoon session so that students can really focus in on each figure.  Monday morning we will meet and to discuss the class and drawing in general, and make use of the library.  Part of Monday morning, and Tuesday and Thursday mornings will be used in a more experimental way with students possibly taking photos of themselves, friends and classmates posing in the same set-up and then attempting combine those photographs with the process of observation.  The photographed poses could be much more animated with figures possibly interacting ways that would be impossible for live models to hold.  There will be a critique at beginning in the late afternoon on the last day.  


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