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NYSS requires all persons entering the building (Gallery visitors are exempt) to complete the daily sign-in form: CLICK HERE
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Drawing Marathon – IN-PERSON: Portraiture and Presence with Linda Darling & Guests

Course Description

In this intensive two-week Marathon, we will engage in the practice of drawing for eight hours per day, a rare opportunity. The focus will be on portraiture broadly defined, and closely observing the unique features and character of the model. We will pay close attention to spatial qualities both within the forms, and in relationship to the geometry presented by the paper. We will examine the features and the character of the head and body not as separate parts, but as volumes related to one another. We will look at the language of portraiture from historical to contemporary art, to investigate how the space around the form is a form unto itself and creates its own drama.

We will use precedents of specific artists (historical and contemporary) as scaffolding for examining the relationships which occur in the immediate moment of the studio. In some cases, the set for the model will reflect parts of this visual language to emphasize a particular dynamic in the work that we study.

Participants will draw the forms of the body and its relationships with the light and architecture of the studio from direct observation. The goal of this process is not accuracy, but to draw relationships that are evocative, and built over time, with revision, experimentation, and re-statements. The emphasis will be placed on characterizing the shapes of relationships in all regards. Compositions will be found and not predetermined. Because discernments are necessary, any space or shape will be relative to the terms of drawing: mark, line, volume, light, value, and not concrete separate identities that are used to describe parts of the body or space.

In addition to short group critiques throughout the Marathon, all instruction is done on an individual basis with small lectures to present reproductions of drawings that present an example that is relevant to the drawings in process or materials in use in the students’ work.

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