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Drawing Marathon: Abstraction & Surprise – Fran O’Neill

Course Description

Abstraction & Surprise will encourage students to make many works and studies, with the idea of pushing students past their thresh hold of what they might consider to be the final product. We will begin by visiting the MoMA and looking at works from the permanent collection, with the objective being to explore ways to push this image further into abstraction, focusing on how one image can inform the next. Various approaches via drawing will be explored; not limited to, but may include explorations of: shape, line, intersections, scale, collage and mark making.

Students should be committed and care deeply enough to be willing to recreate or destroy a work in order to allow a new and different process to come into play.  This will be a jumping off point to explore abstraction and how to achieve a new exploration of an image(s) based on pre-existing geometry and exploring subtle (and not so subtle) shifts that can occur, via scale and a variety of mark making, and could result in a very different image than what the original source. This course is for anyone with a curiosity to explore and may develop differently for each participant.

Course Outline

A study on the first day will begin the process, with an emphasis being placed on producing a large quantity of drawings to find surprising images from the source material. Studies maybe reworked, reinvented, combined and/or are the starting point for a series of images. These works maybe reinvented over time. Exploring mark making, collage and extreme scale change (large and small.) Students may find that they bring in one of their own previously produced images to work from as the source material.

Various artists contemporary and historical will be discussed and analyzed as to their working habits and developments of bodies of work.  Individual and group discussions will occur on an as needed basis. Activities will include a study from Masterwork from the MoMA Collection on the first day.  On the third morning students will independently visit 2-3 exhibitions (a list of galleries will be provided) either in Chelsea or the Lower East Side to gather information that maybe used in drawings. Students may find themselves collaborating with others and or swapping works in order to find a new and exciting image, with the idea that they will be working towards a body of work that could be big, small or a series as the final product. Some students may (if they wish) use their own subject matter as the catalyst.

Course Syllabus

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