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Color Marathon – with Kaitlin McDonough

Summer 2019

Course Description

This Marathon will elevate and expand our sensitivity to all aspects of color. Placing practice before theory, we will explore the wild richness of color functionality and mutability. Exercises will deepen our understanding of hue, tone, saturation, deception, intervals, boundaries and color relatedness. We will prioritize conclusions drawn from what we observe firsthand and will trust our sense of sight above any preconceived notions of how a color might behave. Using colored papers and the teachings of Josef Albers, we will sharpen our awareness of the many ways that colors shift, bend, vibrate, radiate and co-create on the page. We will internalize a deep awareness of color and ways to work with color confidently. All levels welcome!

Course Outline

Through direct trial and error, we will explore, create and examine:
● Relativity of light: grayscales
● Relativity of hue: making one color look like two different hues, making two colors look
like the same hue
● Relativity of light: relative light and dark in different and opposing hues
● Color relations: finding the middle color between two hues
● Subtraction of color: the effect of a ground on the hue that it carries
● Color deception: simultaneous contrast and after-image
● Color mixture in paper: Illusion of transparence
● Color boundaries and plastic action
● Color intervals and transformation: saturation
● Harmony and expression
● Masterwork studies in collage: color instrumentation

Concepts will be presented and ample time will be spent working to unpack and create with
each property of color. Presentations and gallery visits will complement our studio work.

Course Syllabus


Kaitlin McDonough


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