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Category: Student Perspectives

Student Perspective: Lorena Velez MFA 2020

For many years, while working as a self-taught painter in Peru, I had the dream of pursuing an education in painting. Studying art at the New York Studio School has been an opportunity that I never even imagined to live. I have learned so much that it has changed me in different ways. Not only […]

September 15, 2020 · Student Perspectives

Student Perspective – Virtual Learning: Erin Miller, MFA 2021

MFA candidate Erin Miller describes her experience in the MFA Program and Virtual Learning during the pandemic. I first came to the New York Studio School to take part in a Drawing Marathon with Dean Graham Nickson. I was not sure exactly what to expect, but from reading about the Marathons, I was prepared for […]

May 26, 2020 · Student Perspectives

Student Perspective: Helen Kohnke MFA 2020

I first heard about the New York Studio School from a former Alum, Natasha Wright. At the time I was painting in my bedroom apartment. I was desperate to dive deeper into my studio practice in a supportive community. I’d been looking into MFA programs at the time but hadn’t found one that felt like […]

March 31, 2020 · Student Perspectives

Student Perspective: Rachael Bohlander, MFA 2020

             If someone had told me, as I embarked upon my Studio School journey (and the New York Studio School MFA Program is most certainly a journey), that my final thesis project upon graduation would be comprised almost entirely of large very abstracted plaster semi-figurative sculptures, I would have laughed […]

March 10, 2020 · Student Perspectives

Student Perspectives: Charity Baker MFA 2019

My work is partly autobiographical. I am captivated by human interaction, intimacy and landscape. Responding to real-world people and places, my paintings unfold from a winding, obsessive autobiographical narrative; influenced by a cosmist philosophy in which figures and landscapes are transformative. My curiosity with natural light is used to elaborate this running narrative of people in the […]

January 7, 2020 · Student Perspectives