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Category: Alumni

Alumni Spotlight: Geoffrey Stein

I first heard of the New York Studio School from a newspaper article, and took my first Drawing Marathon with Dean Graham Nickson in the spring of 1991. I learned about perceptual drawing, space in a drawing, positive and negative space, the picture plane, warm and cool colors, and plasticity. I was hooked. I took […]

January 19, 2021 · Alumni

Alum Don Kimes Interviewed by Art Historian Barbara Rose

“I went to five different schools, but as I’ve said, the place that had the greatest impact was the Studio School of the 1970’s. There I met dozens of artists, but the ones who had the greatest impact were the ones who had a strong conviction that art was the most important thing in the […]

January 19, 2021 · Alumni

Alumni Studio Visit: David Rich

NYSS: Describe a typical day in the studio. David Rich: At present I paint from late morning into evening or night. In the past my schedule involved teaching during the day and painting at night. I usually have a couple of new paintings in progress, as well as a couple of older paintings being significantly […]

December 16, 2020 · Alumni

Alumni Spotlight: Carlo Cittadini, MFA 2019

While at the New York Studio School, I discovered how to paint with my guts. As I was pushed to work faster than my brain could think, I learned to have a visceral experience that is raw, immediate, and stunning. And then to look.  I learned about making, but I also learned about myself; I’ve […]

November 23, 2020 · Alumni

Alumni Studio Visit: Maryna Bilak, MFA 2014

NYSS: Describe a typical day in studio. Maryna Bilak: Since I have to balance my studio practice with motherhood, I don’t have a regular schedule and my typical day in the studio is extremely chaotic and ever changing. It reminds me of my early years when I painted around people en plein air with changing weather, changing light, and all the […]

July 16, 2020 · Alumni