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Category: Alumni

Alumni Perspective: Cee Cee Belford (MFA 2023)

Painting has always been a direct route to my core of self-discovery and exploration, and yet for too long a time, I didn’t paint. When I finally did make it back to the easel several years ago, I couldn’t get enough. Continuing education classes quickly frustrated me in that by the time I had set […]

January 22, 2024 · Alumni, Student Perspectives

Alumni Perspective: Avery Johnson (MFA 2023)

My first year at the New York Studio School was possibly the hardest year of my life. I had come straight from undergrad with a new idea of who I wanted to be. I wanted to be an artist. This realization had only begun sinking in two years prior. I was lucky enough to study […]

September 25, 2023 · Alumni

Alumni Studio Visit: Carlo D’Anselmi (MFA 2015)

Carlo D’Anselmi lives and works in Ridgewood, Queens. He holds an MFA in Painting from The New York Studio School of Drawing, Painting & Sculpture, New York, NY and a BA in Fine Arts from Saint Anselm College, Manchester, NH.  The artist has an upcoming solo exhibition at Asia Art Center, Taipei, Taiwan. He has […]

April 24, 2023 · Alumni

Alumni Studio Visit: Rachel Rickert (MFA 2015)

NYSS: Describe a typical day in studio; walk us through your process. What are you most excited about in your current work? What are some of the questions you ask yourself as you are working? What keeps you motivated/what are you most passionate about? Rachel Rickert: My paintings are responses to moments I observe in […]

October 6, 2022 · Alumni

Jamie Allen (MFA 2020) Interviewed in Two Coats of Paint

“While the paintings definitely begin in more of an intuitive manner, the way in which the space becomes articulated revolves around the idea of creating a structure, similar to a scaffold, that can then be built upon itself; playing with the edges of the rectangle and the way in which the forms can be considered […]

August 23, 2022 · Alumni, NYSS in DUMBO