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Alumni Association

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Co Chairs:
Larry Greenberg, Michael Tcheyan

Steering Comittee:
Claudia Doring-Baez, Whit Conrad, Glenn Goldberg, Rachel Rickert (NYSS Alumni Coordinator), Elena Sisto

Advisory Committee:
Michael Christenson, Tod Lippy, Florence Lynch, Ambassador Middendorf, Patrick Montgomery

History Committee:
Amanda Church (Writer), Marjorie Kramer (Photo Archivist)
‘60s Subcommittee: Richard Bosman, Charlie Hewitt, Marjorie Kramer,* Chuck O’Connor,* David Reed, Madelon Umlauf,* Sandy Walker
1970 to 1987 Subcommittee: Don Kimes, Joyce Pensato, Barbara Rose, Robert Storr, others TBA
1988 to Present Subcommittee: TBA

*Founding year member



Contact the below Chapter leaders to get involved locally.

West Coast: Gina Werfel & Sarah Blaustein

New Jersey/ Pennsylvania: Catherine Copeland, Liliana Perez, Margery Theroux, Becky Yazdan

DC/Virginia/North Carolina: Kevin AdamsLisa Steffens

FloridaDana Blickensderfer

Europe: Francoise Cambilargiu, Laura Jacobs, Ulgen Semerci

Canada: Jackie BagleyPoul Nielsen, Liora Salter

AustraliaTony Mighell



Coast to Coast: New York Studio School West Coast Alumni | Curated by Karen Wilkin, Berry Campbell Gallery, July 11 – August 2, 2019. 530 West 24th Street, New York, NY.


Interested in starting an Alumni Chapter in your area? Contact Alumni Association head Michael Tcheyan.

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