The New York Studio School requires an entry survey from all persons who intend to enter the building, please click here to complete this survey each day prior to your arrival.
The New York Studio School requires an entry survey from all persons who intend to enter the building, please click here to complete this survey each day prior to your arrival.
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The Sculpture Program at the New York Studio School invites students to engage with the potent language of tangible materials. To generate purpose for this language, we experience and reconsider: mass, space, material, form, process, touch, image, color, structure, organization, balance, rhythm, movement, context, and relationship.

Our rigorous program, taught by a small group of dedicated professional sculptors, provides an opportunity to bring together process, perception, research, and critical dialogue. Each student gains a conviction for sculpture and a foundation from which his or her work can evolve throughout a lifetime.

Afternoon Sculpture courses allow participants to study and create alongside our MFA and Certificate candidates. During the Fall semester of 2021, Jilaine Jones will lead a course on Wednesday afternoons from 2pm – 6pm.

Sculpture: Independent Projects in Context – with Jilaine Jones (Virtual)

Wednesdays, 2pm – 6pm ET
September 22 – December 15, 2021

Cost: $925

Course Description

This course will support each student in the independent development of sculpture within a context of dialogue about sculptural potentials and precedents. The course will be conducted virtually, utilizing Zoom as the virtual “meeting room”. Though their central project in this course should be sculptural, the participant need not be primarily a sculptor. The format is open: it may be singular structures/forms, or installation, or bas-relief (from the wall). The context of dialogue will be initiated by the group responding through propositional work, in a range of materials, to potentials of sculpture – presented by the Instructor – which exist in regard to space and through action. From there each student will develop their own direction which can be based on these initial exercises and/or though discussion with the Instructor. Which materials are used can be based on individual experience, or not: the Instructor can suggest as per idea, (one or a combination of the materials: cardboard, mix-media, clay, plaster, metals, wood, etc.) The sculpture will develop by immersion with, and handling of, the chosen materials: literally grappling with the ideas, as well as by the context of dialogue and feedback. Expanding the awareness of the potentials will be discussion of images of a broad spectrum of sculptural examples ranging from the Dogon in Western Africa, to the Romanesque and Renaissance in Europe, to directions of the late 20th century across continents. Participants can incorporate ideas from sculptural history to expand or even initiate their independent work. There will be remote technical support based on the range of the instructor’s experience; independent resourcefulness will be also a part of this endeavor.

Course Outline

In the first two weeks we will work on two sculptural potentials; one regarding space: as understood through mass, the linear, and actual space; and the other action: as understood through the behavior of a range of materials. Following this we will establish the project direction for each student, which may be clear quickly or gradually. Students will have a weekly one on one dialogue with the instructor as well as biweekly group viewing of work in progress. We will have a discussion about images of works in sculpture’s history every other week, organized around continuities and contrasts. Discussion will include how a range of materials each have specific behaviors and qualities are dynamically intrinsic to the ideas, how the concepts behind the structures originate and are freed by culture and reframe potentials.

Course Syllabus


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