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Grading & Evaluation

A student’s academic records reflect all grades for all registered courses as submitted by faculty. Grades are released to the student by their Academic Advisor or the Director of Student Services.

The School uses a system of grading based on the standards of High Pass (HP), Pass (P), Low Performance (LP) and Fail (F). Students who have to withdraw from any course and who completed the necessary paperwork will receive an Incomplete (INC) which will not affect their overall grading average.

Mid-term grades are made available prior to each semester’s registration through their Academic Advisor or the Director of Student Services.

Students who wish to withdraw from the School must fill out the appropriate withdrawal form available from the Student Services Office prior to leaving. The date this form is completed serves as the date used to calculate student eligibility for WA (Authorized Withdrawal) grading. Students who leave the School without completing the appropriate documentation will be liable for tuition and other fees and will receive a WU (Unauthorized Withdrawal) grade on their transcript. More information on this policy is available in the Student Handbook.


Academic Progress & Good Standing

Students must make, at minimum, satisfactory progress towards the completion of their degree within the 2 year time-span of the program. This translates to achieving a Pass (P) grade in each of their courses.
The School does not use Grade Point Average (GPA) as part of its system of evaluation. However, when a GPA is required, the following formula will be used:

HP = 4.0, P = 3.0, LP = 2.0, F = 0.

Students will be notified at mid-term regarding their current progress. If a student appears to be having difficulty maintaining progress in any course(s), and faculty have already alerted them to the situation without improvement, Academic Advisors will address the issue directly with the student at their mid-term evaluation.

Students who do not show satisfactory progress may be placed on academic probation. Every effort will be made to help the student resume satisfactory progress in the program. Students on academic probation may be at risk of losing Work-Study fellowships and/or scholarship awards.


Transfer Credit Policy

The New York Studio School does not accept credits/coursework completed at other institutions towards the fulfillment of the Master of Fine Arts degree requirements. Students wishing to receive credit at other institutions for coursework completed at the New York Studio School should contact the outside institution directly in order to obtain permission/guidance.

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