MFA Student in front of their work during the Thesis Exhibition


The New York Studio School is not appropriate for everyone; to those not well-suited, a repetition of days without the accustomed diversity of courses may be monotonous, the sessions without the presence of an instructor may be too demanding. At the Studio School, the incentive to work comes from the students themselves without the aid of diversionary projects, assignments, or experiments. The students here are grateful to remain in the studio, to concentrate on their work and to work on their own.

The measure of each student's development is particular to that individual, and progresses without the pressure of producing accomplished works. How much learned in the process is the criterion of success. Here, the pursuit of authenticity tends to reject the distractions of style or the rush for novelty. Response to the contemporary does not lessen the excitement of discovery within the art of the past. No dichotomy between "realism" and "abstraction" is assumed at the School. On the contrary, perceptual experience is encouraged to lead the student to the discovery of abstract equivalents, to a deepening grasp of the plastic means.