Hohenberg Award Exhibition

The Hohenberg Award for European Travel is awarded every year to a student who has completed at least 4 semesters of full-time study. The grant is a cash prize designed to allow the recipent to travel to Europe in order to study works of art.

The recipient of the Hohenberg Award in addition to the grant receives a 1-2 week exhibition in a space within the School. During this exhibition,  the recipient presents a lunch time lecture to the current student body, describing how their travels and seeing the major works of art in person may change their view of themselves as artists or how it may have opened up their visual language in new and exciting ways.


2017 Hohenberg Exhibition:

Opening Reception, Thursday, January 19, 6-8 pm.

Rosie Lopeman, Certificate 2016

Rosie Lopeman Painting


Past Recipients are:


2015 - joint recipient

Sarah King

2015 - joint recipient

Katie Ruiz

2014 - joint recipient

Fukuko Harris

2014 - joint recipient

Ariel Kleinberg


Takuya Yoshida


Ed Praybe


Emily Zuch




Brittany Sims

Bay of Naples


Glen Coburn Hutcheson




Liliana Perez


Paige Pedri

2006 Rapeeporn Su Pianchupattana
Becky S. Yazdan

Erin Koch

Ronen Sharabani

Moriah Carlson

2000 Fran O'Neill
1999 Paul Holchak
1998 Meghan Chase
1997 Ben Pritchard
1996 Juan Robles
1995 Pola Wickham
1994 Ron Milewicz
1993 Mark Connell
1992 Celeste Coughlin
1991 Lee Hogan
1990 Eyal Danieli
1989 Daniel Newsome
1988 Ed Giordano
1987 Phong Bui