Alumni News & Exhibitions

2017 Alumni News & Exhibitions

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JULY 2017

Laura Jacobs

July 1 - July 29, 2017

Laura Jacobs: Viewer Viewed, Ariel Gallery, 70 Water Street, Lavenham, Suffolk, England


JUNE 2017

Fukuko Harris

June 29 - July 30, 2017

Home, 440 Gallery, Sixth Avenue@Ninth Street, Brooklyn, NY

Natasha Wright

June 27 - July 30

Secret Garden: The Female Gaze On Erotica, The Untitled Space, 45 Lispenard Street, New York, NY


Rachel Rickert

June 25-July 18, 2017

60th Chautauqua Annual Exhibition of Contemporary Art: 60 Works Celebrating 60 Years, Fowler-Kellogg Art Center, Chautauqua, NY

Rosie Lopeman

June 24- July 16, 2017

Rosie Lopeman: Paintings, John Davis Gallery, Carriage House, Third Floor, Hudson, NY


Todd Bienvenu

June 24 - July 19, 2017

Todd Bienvenu: Endless Bummer, Harper's Books, 87 Newtown Lane, East Hampton, NY


Andrea Belag, Fran O'Neill

June 23- August 12, 2017

Translucent, McKenzie Fine Art, 55 Orchard Street, New York, NY  


Clintel Steed

June 22 - July 29, 2017

Material Mythos, Geary Contemporary, 185 Varick Street, New York, NY 


Claudia Piscitelli

June 22- September 16, 2017

Claudia Piscitelli: Soul Portraits, Galerie Pièce Unique Variations, Paris, France


Ed Praybe

June 21 - July 29, 2017

Hot Juried Show, Y Art Gallery, Baltimore, MD

Carlo D'Anselmi, Fukuko Harris

June 20 - July 15, 2017

Fight or Flight, The Painting Center, 547 West 27th Street, New York, NY


Elisa Jensen

June 15 - July 29, 2017

Summer Invitational, Edward Thorp Gallery, 531 W 26th Street, 2nd FL, New York, NY


Joy Walker

June 10 - July 9, 2017

Double Trouble, Holland Tunnel Gallery, Brooklyn, NY


Carlo D'Anselmi

June 10-July 30, 2017

Undercurrents: The River as Metaphor, Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art, State University of New York at New Paltz, New Paltz, NY


Ron Milewicz

June 10- July 28, 2017

New Gallery / New Work, Elizabeth Harris Gallery, New York, NY


Jeanette Fintz

June 3 - August 20, 2017

Reflections on the Centennial of Women's Right to Vote in NYS: An investigation of art & artifacrs, Athens Cultural Center, 24 Second Street, Athens, New York


Jeanette Fintz

June 2-25, 2017

GAMUT: A Group Show About Color, Cross Contemporary Art, 99  Partition Street, Saugerties, NY


Sara Nili

June 2-30, 2017

Sara Nili: My Nights at the Quad, NAWA Gallery, 315 West 39th St, Suite 508, New York, NY  


Emily Züch

June 2 - July 19, 2017

Fragmentkamme, Post-moderne Galerie für Kunst, Westflügel, Hähnelstr, 27, 04177 Leipzig, Germany

Becky Yazdan

June 1 - June 30, 2017 

Viewpoints 2017, curated by Karen Wilkin, Aljira, a Center for Contemporary Art; 591 Broad Street, Newark, NJ

Adrianne Lobel

June 1 - 22, 2017

Peripheral Visions, Adrianne Lobel & Majorie Weiss, Cater Burden Gallery, 548 West 28th St., New York, NY

Susan G. Scott 

June 1 -July 22, 2017

Variations, bAdA  (Gallery Beaux -Arts Des Ameriques), 5432  St -Laurent, Montreal


MAY 2017

Fukuko Harris

May 27 - June 9, 2017

Sneak Review No Show No.3, Marquee Projects, 14 Bellport Lane, Bellport, NY

Janice Nowinski

May 27 - June 18, 2017

Janice Nowinski: Paintings, John Davis Gallery, Carriage House, Third Floor, Hudson, New York

Weixian Jiang

May 27 - June 18, 2017

Weixian Jiang: Sculpture, John Davis Gallery, Sculpture Garden, Hudson, New York


Uta Patinkin

May 25 - June 30, 2017

The Birdcage and other paintings, Liza Gershuni Contemporary Art, 20 Ben avigdor st. (3th floor), Tel Aviv, Israel

Richard Castellana

May 23- June 17, 2017

This and That II: A Silent Auction, Blue Mountain Gallery, New York, NY


Marianne Barcellona

May 21 - September 3, 2017

Art on Paper, Weatherspoon Art Museum, The University of North Carolina at Greensboro


Tina Kraft

May 12 -  August 31, 2017

Landscape Two Perspectives, Palm Beach Atlantic University, Warren Library: Tauni de Lesseps Gallery, West Palm Beach, FL


Jeanette Fintz (Curator), Ann Feitelson (participating Artist)

May 19 - July 2, 2017

The Ritual of Construction, The Kleinert /James Center for the Arts, Woodstock, NY


Fukuko Harris

May 15- 21, 2017

ALL ART +, Van Der Plas Gallery, 156 Orchard Street, New York, NY

Howard Gladstone, Frances Middendorf, J. William Middendorf, Sharon Moreau, Dena Schutzer

May 6 - May 20, 2017

The Portrait Project: Artists Portraying Artists, Westbeth Gallery , New York, NY


Jenny La Macchia Campbell

May 6 - May 31, 2017

7, Frank Brockton Gallery, Brunswick, Maine

Whit Conrad

May 6 - July 2, 2017

Playing What's Not There: Whit Conrad, Lionheart Gallery, Pound Ridge, NY


Joyce Pensato

May 4 - June 17, 2017

Make My Day, Petzel Gallery, 35 E 67th St, New York, NY


APRIL 2017

Laura Harrison

April 2017

Guggenheim Fellowship

Catherine Copeland

April 29 - May 30, 2017

Parallel Narratives - Solo Exhibition of New Paintings, Gitana Rosa Gallery, Piermont, NY

Michael Ajerman

April 29 -  June 4, 2017

Far From Tahiti, HemingwayArt, Cassington, Oxford, UK

Marie Peter-Toltz

Opening April 28 - May 28, 2017

Mes Prédatrices , Slag Gallery, Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY


Marjorie Kramer

April 25 - May 20, 2017

Marjorie Kramer: Self Portrait Survey and Recent Work, Blue Mountain Gallery,  New York, NY


Julian Hatton

April 20 - June 3, 2017 

Free Range, Elizabeth Harris Gallery, 529 W20th Street, New York, NY


Lee Tribe

April 13- May 27, 2017

Lee Tribe: The Bathers, Victoria Munroe Fine Art, New York, NY  


Martin Dull

April 8 - August 31, 2017

MADE IN PAINT, The SAGG at Golden Artist Colors, New Berlin, NY

Clintel Steed

April 7 - April 16, 2017

Inventory, c. steed, Fishtown Pop Up, Philadelphia, PA


Celia Gerard

April 6 - May 6, 2017

Celia Gerard, ASCENT/DESCENT, Sears-Peyton Gallery, New York, NY

Opening Reception: April 6th, 6-8pm


Todd Bienvenu

April 6 - May 14, 2017

Water sports, Yours Mine & Ours Gallery, New York, NY


Erin Smith

April 5 - May 17

Up the Creek Looking for Paddles, Amy Li Projects, 166 Mott Street, New York, NY


Patrick Neal

April 1 - May 13, 2017

Explorations of Audubon: The Paintings of Larry Rivers and Others, 101 Exhibit, Los Angeles, CA

MARCH 2017

Gina Werfel

March 28-April 22, 2017

Gina Werfel: East/West, Prince Street Gallery, New York, NY

Linda Ganus Albulescu

March 21 - April 15, 2017

The Passing Show: Portraits of New York City Suffragettes from the Gilded Age, Pleiades Gallery, New York, NY


Avital Burg

March 17 - April 16

Avital Burg: Low Relief, Slag Gallery, Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY


Susan Vecsey

March 15 - June 11, 2017

Susan Vecsey, Greenville County Museum of Art, Greenville, SC


Pactrick Neal, Clintel Steed

March 11 - April 2, 2017

Building Bridges Not Walls, Williamsburg Art & Historical Center, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY


Marianne Gagnier, Xico Greenwald, Jock Ireland, Mark LaRiviere, Ro Lohin, Lynette Lombard, Dov Talpaz

March 4-25, 2017

On the Shoulders of Giants, curated by Thaddeus Radell, Westbeth Gallery, New York, NY


Cara London

March 2 - April 1, 2017

Cara London: Paintings and Monoprints, Theater for the New City Art Gallery, New York, NY


Caroline Blum

March 1 - April 13, 2017

Driven to Abstraction, Susan Eley Fine Art, New York, NY


Jim Condron

Pollock Krasner Foundation Grant, 2017


Elisa Jensen & Janice Nowinski

February 17 - March 19, 2017

Elisa Jensen & Janice Nowinski, Valentine Gallery, Ridgewood, Queens, NY


Fran Shalom

February 16-March 25, 2017

Fran Shalom: Turtles All the Way Down, Kathryn Markel Gallery, New York, NY


Dov Talpaz

February 10-March 12, 2017

Dov Talpaz: Breathing, Slag Gallery, Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY


Elisabeth Condon

February 10-March 31, 2017

Elisabeth Condon: Unnatual Life, Emerson Dorsch Gallery, Miami, FL


Susan Sussman

February 7-25, 2017

Over the Bridge III, Atlantic Gallery, New York, NY


Gerri Rachins

February 3 - March 2, 2017

Material Matters, Simmons College Trustman Art Gallery, Boston, MA

Becky Yazdan, Kylie Heidenheimer, Peter Bonner

February 3-26, 2017

Thicket, curated by David Gibson, Station Independent Projects, New York, NY


Becky Yazdan, Cathy Diamond, Fukuko Harris, Marianne Barcelona, Susan English

December 16, 2016- February 18, 2017  (closed 12/18/2016, reopens 1/20/17)

Big Small Show, Victory Hall Drawing Rooms, Jersey City, NJ


Leah Rabb

January 31 - February 25, 2017

5 Visions New Members Show, Prince Street Gallery, New York, NY


Joyce Pensato, Christopher Wool

January 27 - May 14, 2017

Fast Forward: Painting from the 1980s, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, NY

Fran O'Neill

January 19 - February 13, 107

Fran O'Neill: Sensing Place, David & Schweitzer Contemporary, Brooklyn, NY

David Humphrey

January 19- February 25

David Humphrey: I'm Glad We had This Conversation, Fredericks & Freiser, New York, NY


David Reed

January 17- February 25, 2017

Painting Paintings 1975, Curated by Katy Siegel and Christopher Wool, Gagosian Gallery, Madison Ave, New York, NY


Glenn Goldberg

January 17- February 10, 2017

Drawing as Muse, JD Brooks Gallery, Wallman Hall, Fairmont State University, Fairmont, WV


Tristan Barlow

January 10 - February 11, 2017

Tristan Barlow and Hans Neleman, Anita Rogers Gallery, New York, NY


Jenny La Macchia Campbell

January 7 - February 11, 2017

Zero Station Gallery, Portland, ME


Fukuko Harris

January 6 - January 30, 2017

Petit Deux, Emerge Gallery & Space, Saugerties, NY


Meg Bloom

January 5- March 3, 2017

What Remains, Schumacher Gallery, Westover School, Middlebury, CT

Megan Williamson

January 1- February 23, 2017

Please Respond, Ohio Wesleyan University



2016 Alumni News & Exhibitions



Glenn Goldberg

December 20, 2016

Joan Mitchell Foundation Grant

Andrea Belag, Elisa Jensen, Janice Nowinski, Elena Sisto

December 21, 2016 - January 15, 2017


Catherine Lepp

December 9, 2016 - January 15, 2017

Another Time After, No. 4 Studio, Brooklyn NY

Claudia Doring-Baez

December 8, 2016 - February, 24, 2017

Nekyia, Galleria Emma Molina, Monterrey, Mexico

Fei Li

Dec 2-18, 2016

Fei Li: The Hidden Dimension and Other Observations, The Experimental Gallery, Long Island City, NY



Andrea Belag, Eleanor Ray

November 30 - December 31, 2016

Outside In, Steven Harvey Fine Art Projects, New York, NY


Elisa Jensen & Maud Bryt

November 19 - December 4, 2016

Incipiences, A Centotto interstizio exhibit at The Buggy Factory, Brooklyn, NY


Rita Ackermann

November 10, 2016 - January 14, 2017

Kline Rape, Hauser & Wirth, New York, NY

Geoffrey Stein

November 4, 2016 - January 1, 2017

Kings and Queens of Late Night: portraits by Geoffrey Stein, The Lionheart Gallery, Pound Ridge, NY

David Longwell

November 4 - December 11, 2016

...a slow read, Tubac Center of the Arts, Tubac, Arizona


Edmond Praybe

November 1-26, 2016

This is Where We Live, First Street Gallery, New York, NY



Becky Yazdan, David Rich

October 15, 2016 - February 3, 2017

The Reality of Abstraction, Schelfhaudt Gallery, University of Bridgeport, Bridgeport, CT

Maud Bryt

October 18 - November 19, 2016

Exit Strategy with Maud Bryt, Anna Luppi and Bob Seng, Project:ARTspace, New York, NY


Marie Peter-Toltz

October 3-29, 2016

HIERONYMUS BOSCH: 10 Contemporary Artists Celebrating the Master, Gregg Gallery, National Arts Club, New York, NY

Marie Peter-Toltz

October 1-November 2, 2016

Figure and Landscape, Wagner Contemporary, Sydney, Australia

Kamilla Talbot

October 1 - 24, 2016

Landscapes, ILLE ARTS, 171 Main Street, Amagansett, NY

Carol Diamond

October 1-October 26, 2016

Domes to Debris, the Gold Wing Gallery of the Hebrew Tabernacle of Washington Heights, New York, NY



Elizabeth Hazan, Jill Nathanson, Kim Uchiyama

Septemebr 29-October 21, 2016

21st Century Abstract Painting & Sculpture, Rush Arts Gallery, New York, NY  10001


Kim Uchiyama

September 22 - November 5, 2016

Chromatic Space: American Abstract Artists 80th Anniversary Exhibition, Shirley Fiterman Art Center, Borough of Manhattan Community College, New York, NY

Fran Shalom

September 17- October 9, 2016

Fran Shalom: New Work, John Davis Gallery, Hudson, NY


Whit Conrad

September 9- November 1, 2016

Fall Exhibition, Lionheart Gallery, Pound Ridge, NY


James Bohary

September 8-October 15, 2016

James Bohary, Elizabeth Harris Gallery, New York, NY

Clintel Steed

September 7- October 9, 2016

Endymion: Recent Paintings by Clintel Steed, Steven Harvey Fine Art Projects, New York, NY


Hearne Pardee

September 6-October 1, 2016

Hearne Pardee: Peripheral Vision, Bowery Gallery, New York, NY


Audrey Shachnow

September- December 1, 2016

Evolving Terrain, The Cloisters Lawn, Fort Tryon Park, New York, NY

Audrey Shachnow

September- November 6th, 2016

Garden Centennial Exhibition, Garden, Bartow-Pell Mansion Museum, Bronx, NY

Audrey Shachnow

September- October 29, 2016

Collaborative Concepts, The Saunders Farm Project, 2016, Garrison, NY


Joy Walker

September 1-30, 2016

Buddha, Gallery Gaia, Brooklyn, NY


Alumni: Fran O'Neil, Ben Pritchard

Date: August 27-September 25

Exhibit: Cup of Sugar, Lorimoto Gallery, Ridgewood, NY


Alum: Adrianne Lobel

Date: August 12- September 3, 2016

Exhibit: Life Sized, Anthony Philip Fine Art, Brooklyn, NY

Alum: Jayne Holsinger

Date: August 3- September 12, 2016

Exhibit: Retrospective Exhibition Part 2, Brooklyn Oenology Winery Tasting Room, Brooklyn, NY


JULY 2016

Alum: Yi Zhang

Date: July 23- August 14, 2016

Exhibit: Yi Zhang: Sculpture, John Davis Gallery, Hudson, NY

Alumni: Marie Peter-Toltz, Sara Nili

Date: July 21- August 12, 2016

Exhibit: 2016 MFA National Competition, First Street Gallery, New York, NY


Alum: Maud Bryt

Date: July 18-October 7, 2016

Exhibit: Ways and Means: a new look at process and materials in art, 1285 Avenue of the Americas Gallery, New York, NY


Alum: Fran O'Neil

Date: July 15- September 9, 2016

Exhibit: Fran O'Neill: Magical Thinking, CUAC, Salt Lake City, UT


Alum: Patrick Neal

Date: July 2-July 30, 2016

Exhibit: Solar Vortex, Geoffrey Young Gallery, Great Barrington, MA


JUNE 2016

Alum: Fukuko Harris

Date: June 30-August 4, 2016

Exhibit: Small Works, Trestle Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

Alum: Fran O'Neil

Date: June 29th -August 6th

Exhibit: Goldman, O'Neill & Williams, Miller Gallery, Cincinnati, OH

Alumni: Maud Bryt, Katie Ruiz

Date: June 26- July 18, 2016

Exhibit: 59th Chautauqua Annual Exhibition of Contemporary Art, Strohl Art Center / Main Gallery, Chautauqua, NY

Alumni: Clintel Steed (curator), Avital Burg, Catherine Lepp, Jonathan Harkham & Samuel Levy

Date:  June 24- July 15, 2016

Exhibit: Human Mysteries, curated by Clintel Steed, Temporary Storage Gallery, Brooklyn, NY


Alumni: Todd Bienvenu, Elisa Jensen, Fran O'Neill               

Date: June 24th-July 31, 2016

Exhibit: An Occasional Dream, Life on Mars Gallery, Brooklyn, NY


Alum: Jilaine Jones

Date: June 24- July 29, 2016

Exhibit: Concrete & Shadows, The Susan B. Hills Gallery, Creative Arts Workshop, New Haven, CT


Alum: Becky Yazdan         

Date: June 23- August 5, 2016

Exhibit: Emilia Dubicki, Aspasia Anos, and Becky Yazdan, Giampietro Gallery, New Haven, CT


Alum: Jayne Holsinger

Date: June 23-July 16, 2016

Exhibit: 2016 National Juried Exhibition, First Street Gallery, New York, NY


Alum: Fukuko Harris

Date: June 21-July 16, 2016

Exhibit: The Retrieval of the Beautiful, The Painting Center, New York, NY


Alum: Gerri Rachins

Date: June 19- August 21

Exhibit: Annual Juried Group Exhibition, Danforth Art Museum, Framingham, MA


Alum: Gerri Rachins

Date: June 17-July 15, 2016

Event / News: Gravity, Brookline Arts Center, Brookline, MA

Alum: Joseph Ryan

Date: June 16-June 25, 2016

Exhibit: NEAC Open Exhibition, Mall Galleries, London, UK


Alum:Rachel Rickert

Date: June 8-July 2, 2016

Exhibit: Rachel Rickert: Never Dry, E.Tay Gallery, New York, NY


Alum: Fran O'Neil

Date: June 4-September 4, 2016

Exhibit: Confronting the Canvas: Women of Abstraction, MOCA Jacksonville, Jacksonville, FL

Alum: Kimberlee Alemian

Date: June 2-August 15, 2016

Exhibit: Violence Transformed 2016, Roxbury Community College, Boston, MA



MAY 2016

Alum: Susan Vecsey   

Date: May 26-July 2, 2016

Exhibit: Susan Vecsey, Barry Campbell Gallery, New York, NY


Alum: Eleanor Ray

Date: May 21-July 16, 2016

Exhibit: Fred Reichman and Eleanor Ray, The Landing Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

Alum: Daniel Rosenbaum

Date: May 20-June 26, 2016

Exhibit: Paintings by Daniel Rosenbaum: The Spirit of Gutai, Buddy Warren Gallery, New York, NY


Alum: Daniel Rosenbaum

Date: May 14-June 19, 2016

Exhibit:  Art Du Jour, 490 Atlantic, Brooklyn, NY


Alum: Robert Franca

Date: May 13-June 19, 2016

Exhibit: Still Life, Gallery North, Setauket, NY

Alum: Adam Simon

Date: May 13-June 12, 2016

Exhibit: Icons, Studio 10, Bushwick, BK


Alum: Patrick Neal (Curator)

Date: May 13-June 5, 2016

Exhibit: Beautiful Object: Upsetting Still Life, Jeffrey Leder Gallery, Long Island City, New York


APRIL 2016

Alum: Marianne Barcellona

Date: April 28-May 21, 2015

Exhibit: Artists Choose Artists, First Street Gallery, New York, NY

Alum: Stephanie L. Franks

Date: April 26- May 21, 2016       

Exhibit: Stephanie L. Franks: Rock, Paper, Scissors, Bowery Gallery, New York, NY


Alum: Owen Gray

Date: April 26-May 21, 2016

Exhibit: Owen Gray: World of Darkness, World of Light, Blue Mountain Gallery, New York, NY

Alum: David Reed

Date: April 21-June 25, 2016

Exhibit: David Reed: New Paintings, Peter Blum Gallery, New York, NY


Alum: Clintel Steed

Date: April 16-May 22, 2016

Exhibit: So Much, So Little, All at Once, Regina Rex Gallery, New York, NY


Alum: Todd Bienvenu   

Date: April 15- June 3, 2016

Exhibit:  Laughing Out Loud, Trestle Gallery, Brooklyn, NY


Alum: Kate Teale

Date: April 15 - May 8, 2016

Exhibit:  Kate Teale: I am not empty, I am open, Studio10, Brooklyn, NY


Alum: Marianne Barcellona

Date: April 15- May 13, 2016

Exhibit: Small Works Baruch 2016, Mishkin Gallery, Baruch College, New York, NY

Alum: Christy Symington MRBS

Date: Ongoing exhibition, October 9, 2015- June 4, 2016

Exhibit:  Black Georgians: The Shock of the Familiar, Black Cultural Archives, Brixton, London, UK

Alum: Ellen G. Ball

Date: April 13-17, 2016

Exhibit: New Works, Mixed Media, LOOC Art, 2 Rivington Street, New York, NY


Alum: Kristin Malin  

Date: April 9-April 24, 2016

Exhibit: Boston Biennial Project, Atlantic Works, Boston, MA


Alum: Joyce Pensato

Date: April 4 - June 11, 2016

Exhibit: Later is Now, Kunstraum Innsbruck, Innsbruck, Austria


Alum: Andrea Belag

Date: April 1 - May 1, 2016

Exhibit:  Paint Heads, Jeffrey Leder Gallery, Long Island City, New York



MARCH 2016

Alum: Margaret Withers

Date: March 29- April 23, 2016

Exhibit: Something Else, The Painting Center, New York, NY

Alumni: Cathy Diamond, Julian Hatton, Melanie Kozol, Clintel Steed, Alice Zinnes 

Date: March 25- April 15, 2016

Exhibit: Landscapes, BFP Creative, Temporary Storage Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

Alum: Todd Bienvenu

Date: March 24 - May 1, 2016

Exhibit: Go Figure!, Louis B. James Gallery, New York, NY


Alum: Andrea Belag

Date: March 24 - April 23, 2016

Exhibit: 5 x 5: Recent Painting, Edward Thorp Gallery, New York, New York


Alum: Kimberlee Alemian

Date: March 20-April 8, 2016

Exhibit:  Violence Transformed 2016, Cambridge College, Boston, MA


Alum: Karlis Rekevics     

Date: March 18-April 30, 2016

Exhibit: Karlis Rekevics, Sculpture & Drawings, NYSS Dumbo Sculpture Studio, Brooklyn, NY


Alum: Elena Sisto

Date: March 17-April 23, 2016

Exhibit: Elena Sisto: Afternoons, Lori Bookstein Fine Art, New York, NY


Alum: Todd Bienvenu   

Date: March 17-April 17, 2016    

Exhibit: Let's Walk, Cuevas Tilleard Projects, New York, NY


Alum: Maryna Bilak

Date: March 13th - July 17th

Exhibit: Making Continuity Contemporary: Eastern Europe in New York, Derfner Judaica Museum + The Art Collection at Hebrew Home at Riverdale, Bronx, NY


Alum: Joseph Ryan

Date: March 11- April 29, 2016

Exhibit: Face to Face, Atelier Alen, Munich, Germany


Alum: Glenn Goldberg

Date: March 11-April 10, 2016

Exhibit: Karmic, Life on Mars Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

Alum: Niki Singleton

Date: March 10-28, 2016

Exhibit: Niki Singleton: Present Archaeology, Undercurrent Projects, New York, NY


Alum: Carole Seborovski

Date: March 8-April 30, 2016

Exhibit: Carole Seborovski: Physical Intuition, Nohra Haime Gallery, New York, NY

Alum: Glenn Goldberg  

Date: March 5-June 4, 2016

Exhibit: Glenn Goldberg: Of Leaves and Clouds, FreedmanArt, New York, NY


Alum: Sam Levy

Date: March 5th-March 25th, 2016

Exhibit: Sam Levy: Ourselves Somewhere, Sweet Lorraine Gallery, Brooklyn, NY


Alum: Kimberlee Alemian

Date: March 4-April 14, 2016

Exhibit:  Violence Transformed 2016, Harriet Tubman House, Boston, MA


Alum: Malado Baldwin

Date: March 4-April 15, 2016

Exhibit:  Modern Oracles, Trestle Projects, Brooklyn, NY


Alum: Geoffrey Stein

Date: March 4-March 26, 2016

Exhibit: Cut it Out, Gallery One, Ellensburg, Washington

Alum: Daniel Rosenbaum

Date: March 3-6, 2016

Exhibit: Clio Art Fair, 508 W 26th St., New York, NY


Alumni: Ro Lohin, Lynn Kotula, Mark Heyer

Date: March 1-31, 2016

Exhibit: New York, New York II, Watson MacRae Gallery, Sanibel, Florida




Alumni: Amanda Church (curator & exhibitor) & Kim Uchiyama (curator)

Date: February 27-April 1, 2016

Exhibit:  HeadSpace, Morris-Warren Gallery, New York, NY

Alum: Kimberlee Alemian

Date: February 26-April 3, 2016

Exhibit: Current Visions: Tradition Meets Innovation, curated by Jennifer Jean Costello,  South Shore Art Center, Bellmore, NY

Alumni: Peter Bonner (curator), Dov Talpaz, Lee Etheredge IV

Date: February 17- March 24, 2016

Exhibit: Traverse, William Holman Gallery, New York, NY

Alum: Gina Werfel

Date: February 13-15, 2016

Exhibit: Kimball Art Center's Winter Salon, Kimball Art Center, Park City, UT


Alum: William Reed

Date: February 10-March 19, 2016

Exhibit:  ART/ WORKS: BMCC Faculty Exhibition, Shirley Fiterman Art Center, New York, NY


Alum: Kamilla Talbot

Date: February 4- March 20, 2016

Exhibit: Kamilla Talbot: My Scandinavia, presented by The American Scandinavian Society, Trygve Lie Gallery, New York, NY


Alumni: Linda Bail, Carlo D'Anselmi, Howard Gladstone, Margaret Leveson, Leah Raab, James Reid, Åsa Schick, Eli Slaydon, Aaron Swindle, & Elizabeth Woodworth

Date: February 2- February 27, 2016

Exhibit: Prince Street Gallery Annual National Juried Show, Prince Street Gallery, New York, NY


Alum: Barbara Harrison

Date: February 1- May 31, 2016 

Exhibit: Featured Artist: Barbara Harrison, Raymond James and Associates, Tallahassee, Florida




Alum: Kim Uchiyama

Date: January 18- March 25, 2016

Exhibit: The Onward of Art: American Abstract Artists, 80th Anniversary Exhibition, 1285 Avenue of the Americas Art Gallery, New York, NY


Alum: Alejandro Ospina

Date: January 14- February 12, 2016

Exhibit: Alejandro Ospina: A Bee in My Bonnet, Johannes Vogt Gallery, New York, NY


Alumni: Ophir Agassi, Todd Bienvenu, Glenn Goldberg, Tine Lundsfrynd, Ben Pritchard, & Kim Uchiyama

Date: January 9-March 20, 2016

Exhibit: Thru the Rabbit Hole, Sideshow Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

Alumni: Ophir Agassi, Fukuko Harris, & Becky Yazdan

Date: January 5- 30, 2016

Exhibit: Color Matters, The Painting Center, New York, NY


Alumni: Tina Kraft, Joseph Ryan, & Åsa Schick

Date: January 5-30, 2016

Exhibit: 2016 Juried Exhibition, Blue Mountain Gallery, New York, NY