Admissions & Services

Student Painting in Studio

The Student Services office is dedicated to working with our students to offer programs and services that support their academic projects. Services range from coordinating international student advising to registration, from assigning Work-Study awards to liaising with student representatives. Student Services also organize orientations for new students, and is the point of reference for questions regarding application procedures, admission deadlines and registration processes.


The New York Studio School welcomes all qualified applicants regardless of age, sex, religion, race, color or creed, national origin, or disability. Applicants must show innate qualities of mind and sensibility, and a commitment to serious work. The student who comes to the New York Studio School has a real need for the questions of art, rather than desire for prosaic answers. Enrollment is competitive, limiting the student body to permit a creative relationship between students and faculty and to promote a lively situation without overcrowding.


Once accepted into the full-time programs, students may defer beginning their program for up to one year. Upon receipt of the acceptance letter, which will include any financial aid awards, scholarships and Work-Study fellowships, students must return that acceptance letter with their confirmation or deferral.

Students who plan to defer must be aware that all awards are program- and date-specific: they may not be deferred to future admission or applied to any other course at the School. Acknowledgement of deferred enrollment will be sent to the student upon receipt. The non-refundable tuition deposit will be applied to the next enrolled semester within one year of deferment.


For application forms for any of the programs offered by the School, please visit the "Apply" page of this website.